Fiercest Female Characters of 2012

Below I’ve picked the ladies who, I think, are the top 5 fiercest females in Kdramas from this past year. These ladies stand up for themselves and follow their own path. When other drama’s weak female leads had me bemoaning the portrayal of woman in dramas these ladies renewed my faith in Kdramas. So, in no particular order here are the Top 5 Fiercest Females of 2012.

Yoo Jung In – Vampire Prosecutor 2


Jung In’s character is what makes Vampire Prosecutor such a good overall drama. She’s the lead female character but, while she does have a crush on male lead Min Tea Yeon, romance isn’t the main focus of the drama. Her job has her investigating, arresting, and interrogating criminals and she’s great at it. She’s tough, smart, practical, and always probing people for answers.  While other criminal dramas seem to have a similar female lead character they seem far duller and more static than Jung In whose character is always growing, learning, and developing. Vampire Prosecutor is one of my favorite dramas and Jung In is one of the main reasons why.

Hwang Ji An – I Do I Do


Ji An is a 30 something successful and hard working shoe designer. She starts off the drama pretty fierce but she is also cold, intimidating, and a little harsh. Then life throws her a curve ball. She now has unexpected competition for the job she’s had her eye on and she’s pregnant. At first she wants to tough out her pregnancy alone but over time she softens and learns to slow down her fast pace life and accept help from others. She’s constantly being bombarded with other people’s opinions about what she should do and how she should live her life but she always takes her own route. She never fully gives up on her dreams she just modifies them. Her character changes over time but at the end she’s still as fierce as ever.

Arang – Arang and the Magistrate


Arang is a ballsy ghost with amnesia who seeks help from the new magistrate, Kim Eun Oh, to regain her memories. Living as a ghost the past few years has forced her to develop self-defense and fighting skills in order for her to survive. She’s super spunky and goes wherever she wants whenever she wants. She goes to great lengths to regain her memories even if it means risking her ghostly life to the unknown or even hell. She’s also a cheeky and speaks her mind even in the presence of deities. This character could have easily devolved over the course of the drama into a wishy washy pile of tears but the actress who plays her, Shin Min Ah, is great and keeps her character strong till the end.

Sung Shi Won – Reply 1997


This Busan girl is super fun to watch. She’s a leader who comes off as argumentative and bossy sometimes but she is incredibly loyal to those she loves (especially the 90’s Korean idol group H.O.T.). She thinks she knows how to play sweet and innocent but she can never fully commit to it. She gets what she wants anyways because those around her know that if you don’t give her what she wants she won’t stop bothering you until she gets it. Her tenacity and loyalty make her super fierce.

Seo Eun Gi – Innocent Man

eun gi

This cheabol daughter is one stubborn lady who, at a young age was forced to prove herself as the successor of her father’s company. She’s fearless, tenacious, and has a temper, which leads her to make some major mistakes in the beginning of her career. She is incredibly guarded but once Kang Ma Roo seduces her you can see that she is just a giant softy on the inside. Later, she’s forced to deal with a task that seems insurmountable but by relying on others and with her determination she’s able to do it.


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